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Statutory Planning
Statutory planning is core part of our planning services, and our staff routinely provide advice to private and government sector clients on a variety of statutory planning matters such as Development Applications.
Strategic Planning
Capital Region Planning are regularly involved in strategic planning projects and processes. We prepare a variety of strategic planning services including strategic property and development advice, Planning Proposals for rezonings and developments to local Councils and/or the NSW Department of Planning.
Strategic Property Advice
We prepare due diligence assessments for property investment and divestment, and provide development opportunity assessments for redevelopment sites.

Capital Region Planning is skilled in preparing development strategy for complex projects involving multiple approvals and statutory processes. We provide advice on project staging and design approvals processes to meet the needs of your project.

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clients across Canberra and surrounds.

Capital Region Planning is the NSW arm of Canberra Town Planning, we are based in the Australian Capital Territory and provide a variety of planning services to the surrounding NSW regions.  For over 6 years Capital Region Planning has been involved in a multitude of project and developments for a variety of government and private clients.  These include preparation, submission and management of Development Applications for mixed use developments, residential developments, commercial, retail, seniors living, community uses and subdivisions (residential, industrial and business parks).  We also offer provide expert planning evidence services to the NSW Land and Environment Court.

About Us



We are a diverse team of skilled built environment professionals


We are committed to delivering high quality outcomes and managing our projects effectively


We have more than 80 years of collective local experience in urban planning and work across a broad range of projects


We work closely with clients, consultants, government and the community to achieve desired outcomes


We take an innovative approach to all of our projects and tailor solutions to the needs of our clients

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